Toms Shoes

New shoes you say? I hardly ever buy new shoes I either can’t find ones that are comfy enough or I just can’t justify the large amounts of money some of the shoes cost for the very short life they seem to live, however I have been looking for some slip on slip off type shoes to replace my old tatty vans which had seen better days, they had a massive hole in the bottom and my feet would get soaked every time I went outside when the floor was wet or damp, which in the UK is pretty much all the time, so they had to go.

I had looked at various options Vans being one of them but a lot of them were not vegan friendly, either using some form of leather in the shoe design or the manufacturing process of the shoe wasn’t vegan, I then found Toms, I had used them before buying my daughter a pair a couple of birthday’s ago the overall quality of the shoe felt good but of course I never got to wear them, they just wouldn’t fit my feet.

Not wanting to get something plane or a single colour I found these they looked perfect all be it a little bit expensive however they were vegan and Toms donate a pair of shoes to people in need for every pair sold which in my book is a winner.

So how do the shoes feel I hear you asking? The fit was perfect, not to small, not to big just perfect, in a way they don’t even feel like they are on your feet, not in a barefoot kind of way, though, more like a lightweight fit you don’t feel your feet carrying them when you walk, they are soft under foot too so when it is time to put in some steps they are ready for the challenge.

I would totally buy another pair, maybe in a different colour or a different design but if you are looking for a new shoe ready for Spring/Summer I don’t think you could go wrong with a pair of Toms.

Liar Liar & Fat Rabbit Review

Liar Liar has been open in town for a while now but I have never been, today I decided to give it a shot.

You are made to feel welcome from the moment you walk in, the customer service is fantastic I ordered a Latte with Soya milk, while I was waiting a lovely lady came over “Are you eating in?” I was “You can go and find a seat if you like, we will bring your drink to you” I did just that, I found a stool in the corner, the same girl came over “There is plenty of space upstairs if you would like to sit up there” amazing, I went upstairs and found a seat, it was really roomy, not cramped the windows are huge and let is loads of natural light, I just sat there for a while taking it all in.

My drink wasn’t that far behind me, delivered in a lovely mug I took a sip, usually, I like a sugar in my coffee but this was lovely, it is really hard to explain but the coffee tasted delicious, much nicer than Starbuck’s offering anyway.

The great think about Liar Liar is they also host Fat Rabbit, a vegan street food pop-up restaurant which I believe has permanent residency here. The menu selection was vast much larger than any other cafe I have ever been to, I ordered the Falafel Burger with Fries.

When it arrived it looked delicious, so colorful and fresh it had gherkins though and usually, I won’t eat them but I thought to myself I am going to leave them on and experience this dish to its full potential.

It turned out that the burger was just a lovely as it looked, I managed to eat it all but couldn’t manage the coleslaw or garnish the burger and fries filled me up so much.

Would I recommend this venue to someone else? Absolutely. Will I be going back? Definitely. Liar Liar is now by far one of my favorite cafes in town.

Harissa Aubergine Kebabs

Editorial Note: This was a follow along, taken from Issue 5 of Vegan Living Magazine which was an extract from 15 Minute Vegan

We have been reading the above-mentioned magazine for a while now and there are some really yummy recipes in there, tonight I decided to give one of them a go, Harissa Aubergine Kebabs with a mint relish, they turned out really well and tasted just lovely, I might make a small change next time and have them inside a pitta bread, I think they would be easier to eat that way but still they were pretty amazing.

I took a few photos along the way to show what was to come.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The Recipe

  • 1 Large Aubergine
  • 6 whole cherry tomatoes
  • 2 tbsps harissa paste
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 large flatbreads
  • 1 small pomegranate (seeds only)

For the relish

  • 1/4 cucumber finely chopped
  • 1 small red onion, finely chopped
  • A handful of fresh mint leaves, chopped finely
  • 1 tbsp of cider vinegar.

Quorn Fillets

If you read my post from early last week you will know that I picked up a bunch of the Quorn vegan range to try and I said that I would let you know my thoughts, so the Quorn Fillets…what were they like?


To be honest, these were by far the worst of the bunch that we purchased, I am not sure what I expected but they were really disappointing, they felt really processed and the outside of the fillet looked unappealing, as for the taste well there was no taste, they had to be complimented with something else to give them any flavour, I don’t know if that was the intention that Quorn had when they made them but for me I would have preferred to just have a fillet I could eat with some rice and that be enough. So unfortunately I won’t be buying these again and can’t really recommend them to you all.

Quorn Fishless Fingers

If you read my post from early last week you will know that I picked up a bunch of the Quorn vegan range to try and I said that I would let you know my thoughts, so the Quorn Fishless Finger…what were they like?


These had the biggest hype for me, so many people have been talking about them, saying just how good they were so I was really excited to try them out, just like the nuggets the texture on the outside was identical to a Fish Finger but what about the inside? Some of the Quorn products can be really dense and not very appealing at all but these Fishless fingers were perfect, they tasted amazing the contents of the Finger tasted really good, definitely on my list of products to get again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a Vegan alternative.

Arbonne Moisturizer

I got out of the shower, dried my face pulled the toothbrush from its holder and started to brush my teeth, as I gazed into the mirror I noticed that the top of my head was flaky, I hadn’t noticed it before and had no idea what might be causing it or how to even remedy it, after a little bit of searching both on the usual google searches and a few groups I am a member of on Facebook it seemed to point to the lack of moisturisation, I didn’t even think that I needed to use a moisturiser.




Coincidentally a friend at work had been promoting his wife (Lucy) new venture with Arbonne, I had looked into the products before but there were just so many I ended up walking away, however, I sent Lucy a message explaining the situation with my skin, what products I was using now* and asked if she could she recommend something that would help alleviate the problem, a few days later I had two packs of products to try, she has also sent me a number of messages on Facebook explaining the products and how best to use them, as I am only really looking for a moisturiser at the moment I decided to put most of the products aside and give FC5 a try.

Here are my thoughts;

Day One

I stopped using the Lush Cosmetic Lad and started using Arbonne FC5 you only need a really small amount, pea sized or in the case of the FC5 one pump of the applicator. As I have a beard I applied it to my forehead and exposed skin areas on my cheeks and nose, I rubbed the product into my face and let it soak in. I have to say my face feels extremely soft even after one application.

Day Two

So today I woke up, had a shower, dried my face and looked into the mirror to see if there was any change to my skin to my surprise the majority of the dry skin had gone, I am not just saying that because I want this product to work but it really had gone. My face felt extremely soft and looked healthy, I am quite impressed with how quickly I am seeing results with this.

Day Three

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, soft skin hydrated and no dry skin, tomorrow is the last day of the trial so I will give you my conclusion.

Day Four

Today was the last day of the trial, I have used nothing else on my face except FC5 from Arbonne and the dry skin I had on my forehead has totally gone, my face isn’t oily and my skin looks healthy.

In conclusion, the FC5 from Arbonne is a fantastic product, it has totally replaced what I was using as my daily face cream if you are looking for a lightweight moisturiser that has no fillers, no extra ingredients and is totally vegan this is definitely one of the products to check out.

*Before using Arbonne I was using Lush Cosmetic Lad but unfortunately it isn’t vegan.

Quorn Nuggets

If you read my post from early last week you will know that I picked up a bunch of the Quorn vegan range to try and I said that I would let you know my thoughts, so the Quorn Nuggets…what were they like?


Appearance wise the nuggets look exactly the same as their omni counterpart, the texture on the outside is the same but what did they taste like? It is an interesting one, I have been Vegan for 18 months now and as I was eating the nugget I tried to compare them to the nuggets I used to eat but I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t recall what the chicken tasted like however, these nuggets did taste really nice, they were not bland like some of the other Quorn products, I had some sweet chilli sauce and beans with mine and would definitely have them again.